Because: I am me and Mary is Mary

Because: I am me and Mary is Mary

It’s not long until Tatjana Gsell can be seen in the jungle camp. Now the 46-year-old has spoken openly about her past as an escort girl.

Tatjana Gsell explains to “Bild”: “Yes, I was an escort girl.” This is how she met her husband, the cosmetic surgeon Franz Gsell. “A friend told me how she deals with men and how you can earn a lot more money with them,” admits the blonde. The old story that she had met Franz through her job as a doctor’s assistant turns out to be a lie. 

“Fear of the unknown”

They were accompanied by two feelings in this phase of their life. “First: the fear of the unknown, also morally of the forbidden. Second: the curiosity about the unknown,” she continues. She worked for three months in an upscale escort agency. She dated just as many men. The last one was with her future husband. 

“He was the best customer, I was told – serious, rich, doesn’t want sex, just goes out, a doctor and millionaire. He bought me nice things. And later also rented an apartment in Nuremberg. It was also surprising for me that it became such a great love. Like in ‘Pretty Woman’, “the scandalous noodle continues. 

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Franz Gsell died in 2003

The love ended after nine years with the doctor’s death in 2003. He was attacked and Tatjana Gsell was suspected of having committed a crime. The accusation is now off the table and the extravagant luxury lady will soon have to earn her pocket money in the jungle camp. 

Tina York begged almost every day to finally leave the camp. In the end she came in third and reveals to why it was really good that the TV viewers didn’t listen to her. 

Most jungle camp fans remember Tina York for two things: crying and sleeping! In the interview one day after the final, the 63-year-old seems to be at peace with herself and finds words of praise for jungle queen Jenny. Tina, now you made it to the final against your will. Tina York: I actually wanted to get out earlier, but they all ignored it. Now I am very happy about it. The exam (Editor’s note: Endure 10 minutes with 30 snakes in a narrow pit) Last night I had a lot of fun and I really outgrown myself. A big problem was my claustrophobia.

But it wasn’t enough for the jungle crown. Were you disappointed? I wasn’t disappointed at all. In my joy I just wanted to say to them: Now also the jungle crown. But that wasn’t important to me. It was important to me that so many called for me and that my fans remained loyal to me.

After her examination in the animal room, Tina had to be told by Dr. Bob to be propped up. (Source: MG RTL D / Stefan Menne)

What do you think of Jenny as the jungle queen? I find her adorable. She always whimpered and just wanted to be one place better than her mother, who was in camp a few years ago. And now she’s even the jungle queen. I grant her from the bottom of my heart.

Nobody in the camp was built as close to the water as you. Why did you cry so often? I was always honest and of course in a rather tense mood there. And then you’re probably closer to tears. I liked the Sydney so much and the Sandra. We all got on so well and that’s why I always felt sorry when someone had to leave.

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Then you must have been happy to see the others again now. Yes, we fell into each other’s arms. We’ll also exchange numbers and meet for coffee.

She went in as the “little sister of”, and maybe even goes out as a jungle queen. Tina York is becoming the favorite of this year’s IBES season. And her sister Mary Roos is now her biggest fan too.

Two weeks ago Tina York moved to the Australian bush with eleven other stars and starlets. Since then, millions of viewers have been cheering in front of the screens when the high-gloss celebrities have to expose themselves to disgusting tests and tough camp conditions. Only Tina York’s sister Mary Roos can not do the spectacle on RTL.

“I saw the move in, but not the days after that. It didn’t work,” the 69-year-old tells “Bild”. “To be honest, it was difficult for me at the beginning: I thought it was terrible to see my sister in the jungle.”

Tina York: The singer wants to leave the bush. (Source: MG RTL D) 

“I was shocked”

In fact, Tina was the problem child of Dr. Bob. The singer vomited on the first day and often seemed apathetic later on. “I didn’t recognize Tina at all, she is usually a lively person”, says her older sister. “I was scared, and then people made fun of her too.” When her sister then had to take the first exam, she looked away.

The 63-year-old has been sitting in the camp for almost two weeks now – always asking her fans not to call for her. Tina wants to go and have a good few days at the Versace Hotel. But the viewers see it differently, have not yet had enough of the jungle lady. After all, the singer is the only candidate who gives this year’s camp a little pep.

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Tina York: “I’m going to sleep.” (Source: MG RTL D)

“This is a chance”

“Tina has caught herself,” says Mary Roos happily. “She just doesn’t pretend. The way she cut her bangs with the knife – I laughed a lot. That’s how we are! If something is broken, we try to fix it ourselves. And I believe that the jungle is for her after all is helpful. She can use it to push her career again. This is an opportunity. “

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The jungle as a chance for a new beginning: Jenny Frankhauser wants to show the audience what she’s got in the camp – namely more than just the cat’s little sister. Tina York can also sing a song about it.

After Matthias has left, Jenny is in the semi-finals with Tina, Daniele and David. The girl from Ludwigshafen can’t believe it: “Oh, you holy cannon barrel,” the 25-year-old commented on her move.

But on day 15, Daniela Katzenberger’s sister suddenly begins to falter. She is tired, the argument with Daniele has been bothering her, she wants to give up. Fellow inmate Tina, who has been begging viewers for days not to call for them, tries to cheer the blonde up.

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“Imagine you win that thing,” she says. But Jenny doesn’t believe in the crown. The 63-year-old reminds the singer again why she moved to camp. “You wanted out of a certain shadow.” Jenny wants to show that she is not just “the sister of”. “Now you can prove something and now you want to wrap up?”

Jenny Frankhauser with her sister Daniela Katzenberger. (Source: imago)

Tina can also sing a song about this suffering. “I know it when people say, ‘You are in your sister’s shadow.’ I know that well. Can you believe me? ” Tina herself is a well-known singer who landed a mega-hit in the 1970s with “We don’t let singing be forbidden”. But then the success of the now 63-year-old stops again.

Since then, the thoroughbred musician has lived in the shadow of her famous sister, pop singer Mary Roos. “I heard and read that too. But I never felt it that way. Because: I am me and Mary is Mary. And Mary is great. And I am in my own way, differently. End, period, out.”

Tina York with her sister Mary Roos. (Source: imago)

She was never jealous of the successful Mary. “I treat my sister to it. I prefer it, my sister succeeds, than anyone else.” Jenny sees it that way too, “but people always interpreted it differently”. In the meantime, she is missing it as a sense of self-worth. “At some point you will think yourself that you are nothing and nobody.” Tina: “Hold on and don’t sink into self-pity here.” 

Pop star Costa Cordalis: That’s what he says shocked about the dispute between Jenny and Daniela Mary Roos: This is how she thinks about her sister Tina in the jungle catfight on day 6 in the camp: Jenny Frankhauser and Tina York clash violently.Sources used: IBES episode from 2. February 2018

This year’s high-gloss celebrities in the jungle camp just don’t get going. Nevertheless, there are already a lot of quotes with the potential for foreign shame.

The jungle camp, the pearl of trash. But the cast of the twelfth season of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” just couldn’t convince until now. Every day, the odds are going downhill.

A mere 5.14 million people watched on Monday evening as Matthias is happy about his stars and Jenny weeps for her intelligence. And in between, the prominent Bonmont slingshots shine with beautiful one-liners. 

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At the beginning of the year, Jenny Frankhauser went from the eternal cat sister to the jungle queen. In the interview, she talks about her single status and reveals what has changed since the camp.

Less than two months after twelve more or less well-known personalities moved into the Australian jungle, they meet again in a reasonably civilized setting. “The Perfect Jungle Dinner” is coming up and brings four of the former campers back together. Just before the show is broadcast, Jenny answers a few questions. 

“The Perfect Jungle Dinner”: Jenny Frankhauser, Daniele Negroni, Matthias Mangiapane and Tatjana Gsell. (Source: MG RTL D / Severin Schweiger)

Dear Jenny, you had a very intense time with the campers. From a dispute to great support, everything was there. How was it for you to meet her again now?

Jenny Frankhauser: I am always very happy when I see her. I think this adventure connects us all very strongly. I mean, we all know each other extremely well and have shared beds. Hopefully this bond will remain with us all forever.

Would you say you made real friends in the jungle?

Yes, in any case. We all try to maintain contact as best we can.

On Sunday the audience can see how you stand behind the stove, how well are you actually cooking?

Not at all! I keep trying, but somehow it never tastes good. Maybe I should take a cooking class.

Jenny Frankhauser: Cooking isn’t exactly her thing. (Source: MG RTL D / Severin Schweiger)

Was that why you were very nervous about it before?

Not really. I was just very curious whether I would actually be able to cook something edible.

What do you think guests are not allowed to do?

Dirt. (laughs) No, fun. I think you should try not to break anything if you are a guest somewhere.

What should your colleagues rather not cook?

I don’t like hot things at all. Somehow I get breathless.

You’re single, what do you think of cooking on a first date? What would you serve

I don’t want to do that to the man, I don’t want to scare him off right away. But I think cooking together is super nice, it can only be fun. And laughing together is one of the most important things in a relationship.

What does a man have to have to win your heart?

He should be animal-loving, honest, loyal, humorous and a family man … yes, my standards are high. Maybe that’s why I’m still solo.

Have you already received a lot of flirt offers after the jungle?

Yes, but the right person wasn’t there yet.

What has changed since you were in the jungle?

I was able to take a lot with me personally.