Kiel was not impressed by this and brought the victory safely to the finish

Kiel was not impressed by this and brought the victory safely to the finish

Her lyrical debut was released in 2012 under the title “” kummerang “”. Most recently she published the poetry volume “” liedvoll, deutschzyno “”. Kraus also works as a translator.

The writer André Schinkel is also honored. He receives the Dr. Manfred annual fair gift. The Christian Ferber gift of honor goes to the author Karin Fellner. Both prizes are endowed with 7,500 euros each. The German Schiller Society has been promoting authors for more than 150 years – Eduard Mörike and Else Lasker-Schüler were also among them.

The composer Benjamin Scheuer receives the Schneider-Schott Music Prize of the city of Mainz, endowed with 15,000 euros. “” Benjamin Scheuer’s music is all about sensuality and humor that can be experienced directly, “said the city’s announcement on Thursday. “” The joy of making music and the search for unusual sounds are a constant motivation for him – it can open up abysses, but you can also laugh. “”

The award is usually given at a winners’ concert. This was postponed to 2021 due to the corona pandemic, but the award was announced. “” It was important to us to award all of the cultural prizes and grants of the state capital Mainz this year and thus to set an example that there is and should not be a standstill in culture “, said Marianne Grosse (SPD), head of the cultural department.

The prize is awarded to composers and performers alternately every two years. The award goes to “” composers, performers and music ensembles in the field of serious music that are worthy of and in need of support, “” as it says in the communication. “” Achievements in the field of contemporary music should be preferred.

The 42nd Max Ophüls Preis (MOP) film festival in Saarbrücken will be held exclusively online in January due to the corona pandemic. The budget of the festival from January 17 to 24, 2021 of 900,000 euros is a quarter lower than in the previous year, but the number of sponsors and the amount of prize money has not changed. Again 16 prizes with a total amount of 118,500 euros will be awarded, as the festival organizers announced at a video press conference on Wednesday.

According to festival director Svenja Böttger, there was never any question of canceling the festival entirely. They always wanted to show what was possible during the pandemic. That is why the aim is to try the online version in January, not only to offer viewers a “” great experience “”, but also to give filmmakers the opportunity to practice their profession and start their careers. Last but not least, they want to show “” that there is also a colorful world outside, which should be experienced again and which should stimulate one to see the stories and see the world as the young filmmakers see it “”.

A total of 98 films will be shown in the 42nd edition, 50 of which will start in the four competitions of feature film, documentary film, medium-length film and short film. These include 35 world premieres and 15 German premieres. All films will be available on a streaming platform specially developed for the festival, which is supposed to be specially protected against Internet piracy.

The audience can vote on their favorites in the public competitions. A free, linear web channel, in which the opening and award ceremony will also be shown, is to complement the program. “With this design we want to be a pioneer nationwide,” said Böttger.

Each film can be bought from January 10th for eight euros for 24 hours and viewed independently during the festival week. The number of users is limited, however: it is based on the number of the usual cinema audience during a physical Max Ophüls Festival with a maximum of 1200 visitors each.

In the opinion of the artistic director Oliver Baumgarten, the number of films is deliberately concentrated on one week in order to maintain the festival character of the MOP. “” There is one very important difference: We are not Netflix, but a festival that takes place in a limited time and program. “”

According to Baumgarten, the central question for the films in the 42nd edition will be “” that of the destructive power of western capitalism “”. It is also about the reasons why people are forced to flee to Europe. But also “” intimate portraits “” such as about the relationship to one’s own father or the image of a bodybuilder will be found among the films, according to Svenja Böttger.

The MOP is considered the most important festival for young German-language film and stands for the discovery of young talent from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The honorary award of the 42nd MOP is awarded to the director, photographer and producer Wim Wenders for his services to the young German-language film. The festival will open on January 17th with “” A black Jesus “”, Luca Lucchesi’s debut film. In the documentary produced by Wim Wenders, Lucchesi sheds light on the worship of a black Jesus statue in his Sicilian home village.

Before the opening, Minister of State for Culture Monika Grütters described the Humboldt Forum as “” one of the most ambitious cultural projects in Europe “”. As a new type of cultural project that should work in an interdisciplinary manner, the Berlin cultural center “will be something like the base camp for a trip around the world,” “said the CDU politician on the RBB’s information radio. The Humboldt Forum will initially only open digitally on Wednesday evening (7 p.m.) due to the corona.

After seven years of construction, the 677 million euro project behind the partially reconstructed baroque facade of the Berlin City Palace is to be opened in three stages by the end of 2021. The Humboldt Forum will be used in future by two museums of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, the State of Berlin and the Humboldt University. Exhibits from Asia, Africa, America and Oceania as well as objects on the history of Berlin are to be shown.

Grütters spoke of the “” spirit of the Humboldt brothers “”, who were role models and masterminds for “encountering the foreign without repelling or devaluing it” “. That is trend-setting. “” This rapprochement of peoples and the ideal of an equal dialogue sounds a bit philosophical, but that is the idea of ​​this great project. “”

The story of the colonial era should also be told. “” This is a chapter that we have so far neglected. I am glad that the Humboldt Forum initiated this debate, “said Grütters. The controversial Benin bronzes are also “” exhibited in the context of the current debate about restitution. Pieces that came from contexts of injustice would have to be returned.

Bad accident in Erfurt: A fully occupied car has gone off the road. Any help came too late for a passenger.

A 25-year-old died in a traffic accident in Erfurt on Friday evening. That is what the police said. Three occupants of the car were injured. According to the first findings of the police, the vehicle in the area of ​​the Drosselberg came off the road in a sharp left turn to the right. The car slid into the ditch, collided with a concrete base and overturned.

When the rescue workers arrived, there were still three people in the vehicle. Two did not respond to a speech. A 25-year-old man was able to escape from the vehicle, already slightly injured. The fire brigade recovered the other three people. A 23-year-old and a 26-year-old were seriously injured. A 25-year-old died on site from his injuries. All three people were unbuckled.

Fewer infections in summer: Modeling fair in Erfurt postponed Call of the city of Erfurt: Voluntary helpers wanted for the Buga 2021 In Andreasvorstadt: Cat blows burglars

The driver of the car was taken to a hospital. The rescue team determined that the man smelled alcohol and took a blood sample. The police therefore initiated criminal proceedings for negligent homicide, negligent bodily harm and endangering road traffic.

Sources used: Erfurt police: press release from November 21st

Serious accident in Erfurt: In the Marbach district, a taxi went off its lane and crashed into a tractor. As a result of the impact, the car was thrown against a light pole. There are two seriously injured. 

Two people were seriously injured in a traffic accident in Erfurt on Wednesday. In addition, there was property damage of around 125,000 euros, as the police announced. According to their information, a 33-year-old taxi driver got into the opposite lane in the Marbach district for an unexplained cause and crashed into a tractor. 

Driver’s license gone: truck driver stops drunk ghost drivers In Andreasvorstadt: cat blows burglars man climbed the mast: large-scale police operation at Erfurt main station ended

Due to the force of the impact, the taxi was thrown against a light pole. The taxi driver and a 78-year-old occupant of the vehicle were seriously injured. The 20-year-old tractor driver was uninjured.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Handball master THW Kiel complains about personnel concerns. “” Our resources with ten field players and two goalkeepers are scarce, “said coach Filip Jicha to the” “Kieler Nachrichten” “(Thursday). “But we will not take the virus lightly with the three infected players.” “The record champions returned to training on Wednesday after ten days of quarantine. However, the three players with Covid-19 are still isolated. The trio should only have mild symptoms, the association announced. If the professionals concerned are symptom-free for 48 hours and the PCR test is negative, the quarantine ends.

Because the three players are missing, the THW wants to fall back on juniors. “” We are looking for suitable opportunities. But the main burden will have to be borne by the ten field players, “” said Jicha and said about the quarantine period: “” Everyone is happy that this is now behind us. “”

On Saturday, Kiel will have to compete in the Bundesliga at the TVB Stuttgart. Four days later, the Rhein-Neckar Löwen will play the top game in Kiel, another five days later the postponed final tournament of the 2019/20 Champions League season is due.

The Bundesliga games at TuSEM Essen and against MT Melsungen as well as the Champions League home game against Aalborg Handbold were canceled and must be rescheduled.

Due to the two corona cases at THW Kiel, the handball Bundesliga has postponed two upcoming games of the record champions. Affected are the games at TuSEM Essen on Sunday and the home game against MT Melsungen on December 16. There are no new dates yet.

The team, trainer, supervisor and the physiotherapist were initially sent into quarantine for ten days after two THW professionals tested positive for the corona virus on Monday. The team has been tested daily since then, so far there have been no other infected people. The three responsible health authorities – the players live in three different districts – will later decide when the team can return to training.

The Champions League home game planned for this Wednesday against the Danish representative Aalborg HB was canceled on Tuesday. Due to corona cases among the opponents, the Kielers also have to make up for games against Motor Saparoschje in the Champions League and against the Füchse Berlin in the Bundesliga.

Only a few hours after the cancellation of the handball game SG Flensburg-Handewitt against MT Melsungen on Wednesday, the Thursday game between THW Kiel and Füchse Berlin was postponed. Both Bundesliga games are canceled because of the positive Corona cases in the German national team. So far, goalkeepers Johannes Bitter (TVB Stuttgart) and Marian Michalczik (Füchse Berlin) have tested positive. The aim is to prevent the infection from spreading. The games will be rescheduled for a later date.

Superstar Sander Sagosen led the THW Kiel to their tenth Supercup triumph. The 25-year-old Norwegian was the best thrower for the German record handball champion with seven goals in a 28:24 (14:13) victory in the 102nd North Derby against runner-up SG Flensburg-Handewitt, who won the first title of the 2020/21 season.

2100 spectators experienced the comeback of German handball live after a 207-day Corona break in the Düsseldorf ISS Dome. The responsible health department had approved 2,640 visitors. “” Since we only had two days to sell tickets, this number is very decent. We are satisfied with it “, said HBL managing director Frank Bohmann.

The two arch-rivals had traveled to the Rhine together in a charter plane, and from the first second they didn’t give each other anything on the floor. As predicted by national coach Alfred Gislason, the top German teams met at eye level. In the first half, the leadership kept changing back and forth. No team with more than two goals was able to pull away until the break.

The Kielers, who had to do without the world handball player Niklas Landin, who had operated on the knee, in the goal and the also injured backcourt shooter Nikola Bilyk in the attack, initially developed only little goal danger from the second row. It was only towards the end of the first half that Sagosen, who came from Paris Saint-Germain in the summer and who often shone as a preparer, also appeared as a goal scorer and gave THW a narrow half-time lead with his third goal.

Led by Sagosen, the record champions took a three-goal lead for the first time shortly after the move (16: 13/34), but initially did not last long. But the THW continued and pulled away again on three hits at 18:15 (39th). This cushion lasted into the final phase – especially because national goalkeeper Dario Quenstedt was able to distinguish himself with numerous saves.

But his Flensburg counterpart Benjamin Buric also defused a large number of throws, so that the SG was back in touch again at 21:22 a good eight minutes before the end. Kiel was not impressed by this and brought the victory safely to the finish.

After a party on Sylt with at least one corona-positive guest, results of the corona tests from more than 80 participants are expected on Wednesday. The tests on Monday afternoon went smoothly, said a spokeswoman for the Nordfriesland district on Tuesday. Only three of the party guests did not appear.